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Aural Test Training for ABRSM exams

Our new E-MusicMaestro Grade 6-8 Aural Test Training programme is now online, in addition to Grades 1-5,  and we have a new video to celebrate!

√ Grades 6 – 8 Aural Test Training gives practice possibilities for all tests in both treble and bass registers along (where sung), with help files for most tests.

√ E-MusicMaestro Aural Test Training is the only web-based resource where you can experience a wealth of practice materials professionally recorded using an acoustic piano, with ‘live’ singing responses.

√ The practice materials are expertly designed to promote not only better aural test results but also to help music students to become more accomplished musicians in the process.

√ Access these materials at home on your desktop or laptop computer or on the go, via your iPad, or iPhone or Android.

√ A monthly subscription of just £2.99 gives access not just to one grade, but to all grades 1 – 5 so you can begin a grade lower and build up your aural skills.

√ £4.99 per month accesses all grades 6 – 8 for as long or short a period as required. This price structure offers incomparable value for money along with great flexibility of use.

√ It’s easy to subscribe for small monthly payment, made via the safest possible, online system in which credit card details are securely encrypted so that they are never visible. For your security we are fully PCI compliant.


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